KZAM Next-Generation Party Center Birthday Party Packages
The Grand Play Arena is home to 5000 foam balls, ball blasters, tipping baskets, tubes and slides
KZAM is located in a beautiful new building just west of route 110 in Farmingdale, NY.
The KZAM lobby is bright, clean and cheerful just like the rest of KZAM!
Three Stories High, the Grand Play Arena is truly spectacular!
Six single-shot Ballocity TM ball blasters line the second level of the arena, aimed into the atrium center.
Another view of the spectacular second level
On the third floor, multi-shot auto blasters are loaded from giant barrells filled with balls.
The KZAM Event Room features a gaga pit, dance floor and a large movie screen. KZAM creates a photo montage for each and every birthday child, to be played during your event.
At KZAM, your child is the star. The KZAM photographer will capture special moments so you can sit back and relax.
Ages 7 and up can play gaga in our Event Room, equipped with a regulation-sized gaga pit.
The KZAM DJ and MC organize games that will be age-appropriate and fun.
The KZAM party room is bright, clean and huge, just like the rest of KZAM!
Another view of the huge L-shaped party room with seating for a huge group of kids plus an alcove for seating for your adult guests too!
Every party features a ball drop with all the party guests under the tipping basket at the same time.
I hope you've enjoyed our tour.
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KZAM Birthday Party Q&A

What ages is KZAM designed for?

KZAM is designed to be fun for all ages, and especially appropriate for those between the ages of pre-school through middle schooI. It is also gender neutral fun with something truly for everyone!

Is KZAM a Family Entertainment Center that is open to the public?

No, we are a reservation-only party and event facility. Our goal is to maintain a clean, safe and wholesome atmosphere. When KZAM has Special Events such as Open Play, these will be announced on our website and reservations will be taken accordingly.

Are KZAM birthday parties private?

Yes, every party is absolutely 100% PRIVATE.

What should I expect the party to be like?

Every KZAM party starts in our spectacular Grand Play Arena, continues in the KZAM Event Room and finishes up in our Celebration Room.

What is the Grand Play Arena?

The Grand Play Arena is our spectacular soft-play structure that is filled with foam balls and the largest collection of Ballocity TM equipment in the Northeast: ball blasters, multi-shot auto blasters, tipping baskets, tubes and slides. Kids play on three levels and adults are welcome to get in on the action. This activity is age and gender neutral and the most unique play experience on Long Island. You will truly be amazed.

Are the ball blasters safe? Can little kids play with them?

Yes, absolutely. All the equipment in the Grand Play Arena is suitable for all ages. The ball blasters are located on the second and third level of the structure and are aimed into the atrium area only. This US and Canadian patented design ensures all our guests can play in a safe manner.

Can all ages play together?

Yes, it actually works better to have people of all ages playing together. Very small children love to feed the vacuum tubes on the first level, which helps the older children on the second and third levels by supplying them with balls to be used in the blasters. The younger children also love to fill the big dumper basket and work the ball volcanoes. There are also slides and other play elements on all the levels suitable for all ages. All the levels are sized so that adults can comfortably play with their children, and this is encouraged.

What is the KZAM Event Room?

After the Grand Play Arena, your KZAM party moves into the adjacent KZAM Event Room, a 1500 square foot space equipped with DJ, lighting, acoustics and a gaga pit. Guests are entertained by a DJ who will organize activities appropriate for the age of the participants. As the party gets going, our octagon-shaped dance floor becomes a gaga pit and games are run by our KZAM staff, adapted again to the age group.

What is gaga?

Gaga is a simple game that resembles a slower-paced version of dodgeball, where the soft ball is rolled instead of thrown, and players must try to not get hit below the knees. It is played in an octagon shaped court and is appropriate first-graders and up. For our Toddlers through Kindergardeners the gaga court doubles as a perfect-sized activity ring for circle, parachute time and music activities. It also makes for a great dance floor for kids who love to dance!

Where do we have the birthday celebration?

At the close of your time in the Event Room, the cake is presented and the children and adults gather to sing happy birthday to your child. Your party then moves into our private and comfortable Celebration Room. Pizza is served. .

Can KZAM handle my very large event?

Yes, The Grand KZAM package is appropriate for very large groups of 45 to 100 children. The KZAM Play Structure is enormous and designed to safely and comfortably hold very large groups. Your two-hour Grand KZAM package features extended time in the Grand Play Arena and both playroom and the KZAM Event Room are open to your guests at the same time.

Where is KZAM located?

KZAM is located on the Nassau/Suffolk border along the Route 110 Corridor at 85 Sea Lane, Farmingdale, New York. KZAM is one block west of Route 110 across from Walmart Shopping Center and Republic Airport and minutes from all major parkways. Directions

Can I bring my own food and/or drinks?

KZAM is not permitted by the Suffolk County Department of Health to allow any outside food or drinks with the exception of the birthday cake. Sorry, no exceptions!

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